The picture the only one that will tell us the truth about our marriage!

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8 June 2016
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10 June 2016

The picture the only one that will tell us the truth about our marriage!


Photography is a report of our emotions, especially those related to our wedding day.

A photographer must be able to grasp those moments that enclose an unexpressed emotion, the moment that that day would escape the naked eye!

Among the 26 types of photographs there is one quoted by Edoardo Agresti in his blog, renowned photographer and professional: the portrait, just renamed to creative portrait, often used for the wedding day.

Wedding photography has changed dramatically over the years. It is no longer so frequently seen around the stereotypical  and built images. (Cit. Edoardo Agresti)

After several years together what will remain of those days?

If you think about it, the photos or video are among the most precious things that you can keep with your emotions.

Relying, for this reason, on those who can capture every moment and every emotion is important.

Core Idee met Edoardo Agresti already known for years for its competence.

His photography is a report of our emotions. A passion inherited that allowed him to collect not only the praise and affection of his customers, including spouses, but also prestigious awards also recognized by major sectors in the photography business.

We were charmed and amazed by the “wonder shots ” by visiting the gallery you’ll understand what we mean. To contact Edoardo Agresti: click here

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