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8 May 2016
18 May 2016

Pre-wedding concerns: this is what the brides say!



The wedding day involves a responsibility for those who organize, because each couple has its own requirements.

We asked a group of brides what things worries them before the wedding regarding the organization and what has to be flawless.
Among some, of which we will call opinion leaders,  we can mention, for example, Esther, that emphasizes the need for time to meet an organizational policy pointing to the well-being  of the guests, that includes the organization of the tables and the overall service of the Restaurant or Locations.
Or Claudia for her it’s important to entertain with good music. And what can Silvia C never give up?? The choice of the wedding dress must be flawless! For Monica and Filomena, eating well is the most important, the guests have to be absolutely delighted by the great food, either it’s catering or restaurant!
So the first place for them is the quality of the food! Silvia instead pointed out the weather concerns, the weather conditions must be … no rain! Precisely to avoid damaging the hair and makeup service. No doubt this last one, has the first place in brides concern!
We have a solution to everything since always, a professional wedding planner can absolutely ensure that all worries will become a success and every wish a mission for you!If it rains that day? As our Silvia fears? Well there is a saying “Wet bride, lucky bride”!
But, do not worry the wedding planner will be there ready to be able to predict how to manage everything at best even on a rainy day!
So we did a ranking on our sample of what are the main pre-wedding concerns, what do you think?

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